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Silence Of The Lambs

November 19th, 2022

It is an unwelcome surprise to suddenly find you are not alone in the woods.

You’ve worked hard to get away from it all, driving and hiking for hours to escape phones, pagers, people, or cars. It’s your annual elk hunt, and the whole forest is your private refuge. Sneaking along in the woods, you begin to feel like the only soul for miles around.

Then suddenly another hunter pops into view and you both jump! Surprise is followed by dismay at being intruded on. Then you try to guess whether the other fellow wants to talk or be left alone. It’s an odd, awkward moment.

Sometimes it’s very awkward.

Like one particular day of last year’s elk hunt. After hunting on foot all morning and finding no fresh sign of elk, I saddled up my big black and white paint, Chief, and headed out on an eight mile ride through new country. For the first hour we just side-hilled through the trees, following nothing but random game trails. Presently we found ourselves on a long abandoned logging road, threading its way through tall aspen. It was easy traveling, hindered only by the occasional fallen quakie, or washed out switchback.

Rounding a bend, we were suddenly encroaching on some hunters setting up a new camp. They looked up, startled and dismayed. Then their southern hospitality took over and they waved us in for a chat. I reined Chief down off the roadbed and into their construction site. Plastic tarps were strung up for shelters and camping gear was scattered everywhere. It was tricky, but we got in close enough to talk with low voices. Three fellows were plainly in view and from the activity on the other side of camp I gathered there must be a couple more.

Where to Get Cheap Colorado Renters Insurance

April 22nd, 2022

Looking for Colorado renters insurance? Here’s how to get cheap renters insurance with a top company.

What does Colorado renters insurance cover?

There are three areas of coverage:

1. Personal possessions – Renters insurance pays to replace your personal possessions when they’re stolen, or damaged by fire, plumbing leaks, explosions, vandalism, or storms.

2. Loss of use – Renters insurance pays for your lodging and meals when you’re residence becomes uninhabitable and you need to live elsewhere until it’s repaired.

3. Personal liability – Renters insurance pays others people’s medical bills, and property damage bills, when they’re hurt or their property is damaged and you’re held liable. It also pays your legal fees and court costs.

What’s not covered?

Damage to your property done by earthquakes and floods are not covered under standard policies. If you live in a flood or earthquake zone you’ll need to purchase additional insurance. Also, there may be limits on expensive items like jewelry, computers, furs, and silverware. Again, you may need separate insurance to cover these items.

How much insurance do I need?

You should have enough renters insurance to cover all your possessions. Take an inventory of everything you own and use the total value as the amount of coverage. For liability insurance, you should have enough to cover your assets – bank accounts, CDs, stocks and bonds, etc.

How much does renters insurance cost?

For the protection it provides, renters insurance is dirt cheap. You can get renters insurance in Colorado for as little as $13 a month for $20,000 worth of coverage. That’s less than the cost of one CD.

Where can I get cheap Colorado renters insurance?

The best way to get cheap Colorado renters insurance is to compare prices from different companies, and the best way to do that is to go to an insurance comparison website.